TaskPaper to DayOne

I've been on quite the productivty kick lately. My recent forays into the tooling habit have led me to to DayOne and TaskPaper. Both of these apps have fit into mywork flow and please my draw towards minimilastic and locally hosted apps.

I have also adopted some awesome scripts from Brett Terpstra (you should definetly take some time to check out his blog) to automate some of those pesky manual maintenance tasks.

I've been digging this script that archives and adds completed TaskPaper tasks as entries to Day One. The script has been serving me well for a couple weeks now, but I found that when reviewing my completed tasks I kept returning to TaskPaper to look at the notes to remind myself of their context.

To make things a bit easier on myself I added in support for logging a task's notes in addition to the task name and tags. You can find the modified script in a new GitHub project I created to track some scripts I use for TaskPaper. Feel free to do the needful.

by Phil Jackson

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