Shattered Review - The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Seven

I've been following the Iron Druid Chronicles since 'Tricked'. Unfortunately so, directly after reading most of the Dresden Files. While fundamentally different, it's easy to get mix these two universes together. Both feature a host of similar supernatural entities, the Fae, a similar inner monologue style, and vampire wars. That being said, they're still quite different and I've always gotten a kick thinking that Iron Druid is set in the American Gods universe.

This latest tale of Atticus & Co. is more a collection of short stories than one coherent story arc. Each story is told from the perspective of the acting druid, which makes it much more of a 'Druid Chronicles' rather than an 'Iron Druid Chronicles' situation. The stream of consciousness jumps between the perspectives of our three main characters. This break form previous books is nice... but I'm not sold that this wont get annoying if subsequent books follow suit.

Normally, I consume novels in audio-book format, which seemed to saved me from a lot of confusion for this book. If it weren't for different character voices, I think it would be difficult to determine if a given passage was about Granuaile or Atticus. Their characters, and that of their hounds, seem to become more similar as time goes on. Atticus' humor and attitude even seems to spill into tertiary characters to deliver one liners and pop culture references. An Atticus-ish Beatles reference from a character that dislikes him comes to mind...

All of that being said, this is one of my favorite series and I am still on board for the journey going forward. I just didn't enjoy this title as much as the others.

by Phil Jackson

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