Backspace is way cooler than caps-lock


for funzies I decided to learn a new keyboard layout. There are, of course, tons of sciencey and ergonomic reasons to use a layout other than QWERTY. I will not go into them here. But, for me it was mostly the challenge of a a new way of typing and the excitement of a new toy.

Now there are plenty of downsides to using a new layout...the largest of which is your QWERTY skills do indeed suffer. This is only really an issue when using a computer you do not control. I find, for me, this is not an issue as it is an occurrence that happens maybe a few times a year.

There is one thing I have learned in my ventures in typing that is applicable to even those who remain fans of the QWERTY. It is honestly one of the most earth-shatteringly useful things about the Colemak layout, which I primarily use.

caps-lock is useless

Now this is definitely a hasty generalization. But its true for almost everyone I have known. It's a blight on the world of modern typing. It takes up more space than a 'normal' key and is one that if you have was probably by accident.

It doesn't have to be

In comes the genius that spewed forth from Colemak. The layout calls for the remapping of the caps-lock key to backspace...

While that seems anti-climatic, it has a significant impact on your typing style.

Just consider it...

If you wish to delete a character in the 'classic' style it is necessary to pivot your entire right hand to reach that pinky over to the backspace key.

Just look at this rediculious distance:

Now...picture in your mind-eye that you instead only needed to move the distance between A and caps-lock. Which is small enough to ensure that you can bull's eye it with your T-16 back home. To help you imagine what this may be like, please consider this gif:

It takes a bit...

of getting used to but once you get into the flow you will probably find, as I did, that you will use both keys in different situations. But he vast majority of them will be with that tiny journey to the caps-lock backspace key.

How to do

I am sure there are many ways to get this all setup but the easiest ways I have found to get started:

by Phil Jackson

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